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RBTS WIN’s music is many-faceted, both dark and ephemeral, tough and tender, scary and comforting. It’s a fantastic study of electronica, pop, rock, chillwave and trip hop that transcends all of those elements and surfaces in a...


Shirlette Ammons

An award-winning poet and musician, Shirlette Ammons is set to debut her all-new album Twilight for Gladys Bentley. The album is her first solo release which she calls 'a re-imagining' of 1920's blues singer and bulldagger, Gladys Bentley. Instead of conjuring up the blues like Gladys, Shirlette uses hip hop, "the popular music of posturing and prowess," to create a record that revisits the steaze of southern dandyism, that is lyrically dapper, a little raunchy and a lot queer.

Guests on T4GB include Sy Smith, W Ellington Felton, Little Hollow, Chaunesti Webb, Jocelyn Ellis, and...


Heads on Sticks

There are many musicians riding the wave of psychedelia these days. But most seem caught in the net of authenticity, trying to reproduce a sound that has already been, whether stylistically or through the recording process. Others take the approach of genre mating and bending, blending their influences with more modern sounds or a danceable driving force behind it. There will always be a difference between just doing something and doing something well. With so much music at our disposal now, "well" requires more than just a proficiency for songwriting - it needs to be new, better, different in order...


Gross Ghost

The 11-songs that make up Gross Ghost's Brer Rabbit are the culmination of two years packed full with disconnected phone lines, unreliable transportation/gear, lost jobs, friends and family members and yet, some undeniably fun times for the band.  The album is a collection of previously released tracks from the bands first two EPs, all remixed and remastered, in addition to a handful of new songs. Over the last couple of years in the lives of Mike and Tre, the duo behind Gross Ghost, these songs were written during found hours, in between...


Professor Toon

Durham rapper Toon combines intricate detail in lyricism with a sharp delivery. Playing shows anywhere from downtown city bars to Duke University theaters, he’s sidled up alongside several young hip-hop ascendants. In an area and...


Juan Huevos

Juan Huevos, known to his fans and friends as J Waves, is a young buck dumb fuck. A CEO of the bedroom rap scene, an untalented white guy of the synth production scene, an underwear model of the music scene. Drunk off a fantasy world that mimics reality, the kid J Waves is crying one moment, flying high the next, charming his way into young hearts and not knowing what to do once he gets there.

Lo-fi beats when made by hand, hi-fi raps about things you can relate to.
Hi-fi beats when fucking with French electro producers or...


Old Bricks

Old Bricks came into being in the midst of transition. Though the group's two releases come from separate aesthetic approaches--2010's Farmers features sparse, quivering, melancholic-folk while 2011's City Lights broods with hazy melodic swells and rhythmic intensity--both embody these formative characteristics.

Founding members Stuart Edwards and Andy Holmes grew up together in Rocky Mount, NC, and reunited in Nashville, TN to pursue music.  Ennui, a death and a bout with homelessness lead them back to NC, with a stockpile of material Edwards had written. The catharsis proved fertile.

The band evolved, exploring instrumentation, dynamics, and experimenting with...


Little Hollow

"One day, while searching the net for baby names - as one does when their life is full of stimulation and revelry - I decided to type in my own name, Logan.

The name Logan, of Gaelic origin, means "from the hollow" or "little hollow." I thought, "... hm. That's interesting."

hollow [ˈhɒləʊ]
noun 1. a small valley between mountains
adj 2. recessed or deeply set
3. having a reverberating, sepulchral sound
4. insincere; cynical




Libraries is the collective faults of Tommy Kitrick and Justin Chillington, 2 young bros who can Bruce Willis a beat and use it to blow the roof off a skyscraper. Their shared music tastes resulted in them forming a duo as they partied and bullshitted their way through 2010. Almost 2 years later, Libraries are wired to smash like global-warming fueled Wilmington waves. Their talents run the full gamut for modern electronic musicians: producing and recording original tracks, remixing other artists, and banging out powerful live performances. Hustling hard as possible, but still finding time for what really matters in...