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Grip Tapes is two young men who crawled out of the muck of the music industry to stand on a dry patch of land and get a better view. One more artist, one more business, both hustlers and visionaries. The label was founded on the idea that there had to be more to it than just waiting for that big break or being the guy behind the guy behind the guy. It was time to man up. Create something real and run it the way they wanted. Not take "no" for an answer, but give it. Throw out an appropriate "yes" to people they wanted to work with. Find artists and celebrate them. Get them where they needed to be. And crush a few beers along the way. Make friends and influence people without reading the book on it. Create a family of musicians who complement each other like different shades of paint, that mix and blend and create a damn fine picture. A picture that hangs not in your bedroom but in your living room, so you can show it off and blab incessantly when asked about it. They've set out to do all that and more, and, if they're lucky, sell a few records in the process. Get to know Grip Tapes before all the popular kids do. Because then it won't be fun anymore.



When it comes to music, Grip Tapes knows the drill.  We have wrote it, produced it, remixed it, performed it, bought it, sold it, promoted it, reviewed it, loved it, hated it.  Want us to hear YOUR music?  Send information about your music/band and links to download demos or stream online to  Please allow us time to consider your submission and if we are interested in learning more, we'll be in touch.  Thanks!


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