Best outdoor activities for couples: active date ideas

Today, you can easily find yourself a couple online without even leaving your home! There are a lot of online services that will simplify this task for you.

One of such services is Bebemur, a global social network for meeting people from all around the world fast and conveniently! The service allows you to shorten the huge distance between you and your soulmate and offers the fullest set of features for quick acquaintance and full-fledged communication.

But what to do next, when you are ready to meet a person you like so much? Arrange an unusual, active outdoor date and make this day memorable for both of you! Here are the top 8 active date ideas for you!

Paintball date

Immerse yourself in the thick of military action. As an experienced warrior, become the protector of your beloved one! She will appreciate your courage and care!

Boiling adrenaline, a chance to fight both with each other and back to back against a team of opponents – such a campaign will be remembered for a long time by both!

Mysterious adventure

Create flashcards describing the different activities. For example, write down the names of the movies that you can watch together, or restaurants, cafes oк shops you can go to, or even random places that you both can enjoy.

Then seal each card in an envelope. And every time you don’t know what to do, take your sealed envelopes and ask your soulmate to choose one. And whatever the choice is, go for it! Repeat the process until all your envelopes are empty.

Photo date

An ordinary walk together can turn into an unforgettable quest if you set yourself the goal of finding interesting shots and taking amazing photos!

Find something special and make lots of memorable photos together!

Skydiving first date

Such an activity is a way not only to tickle your nerves but also to enjoy the indescribable feeling of flying!

When the wind is roaring in your ears, inflating your chest, and you can barely see the land down there, your heart stops with delight and fright, and the hand of a loved one seems to be the only thing that can save your life!

Quest date

This activity can be both innocent and calm, and quite extreme. Solving riddles together will help you to get close to each other!

And if you spice up this attraction with a touch of horror, choosing a quest with horror elements, then, this will become an unforgettable experience for both of you!

Zero gravity

The plane slowly climbs, and then, at almost 10 kilometers above the ground, the pilot reduces the thrust… And the effect of physical laws makes the soul tremble while the body soars around the cabin in zero gravity, and you both feel like conquerors of outer space!

Such an extreme and at the same time romantic date will not leave you indifferent. Don’t forget to ask your partner about how stable his vestibular apparatus is.

Bike date

We’re not talking about tight suits, mountain slopes, and speed bikes. Just invite the girl for a quiet bike ride in the local area. But don’t tell her where you are going! Women love mysteries and feeling confident that they can rely on a man.

A date like this can help you understand if a girl wants to step out of her comfort zone and try some new things. But don’t forget to tell her to wear some jeans or shorts for a date!

Rooftop picnic date

It sounds almost unreal, but in fact, it is quite easy to arrange such a beautiful date. You can get access to many city roofs just by asking for the keys from a housekeeper or an HOA representative.

It is enough to grab some wine, fruits, and simple snacks: this evening, the main “course” is stargazing and watching city lights glowing in the dark! You can also bring a smartphone with a pair of speakers or even hire a musician.

Do not forget to take a couple of blankets to make your rooftop picnic comfy.